Sitemap - 2023 - Three Book Thursday

On Black Women, Rape, and Resistance, Steve Jobs, and Seven Tools for Life

On Starting With Why, Reflections on Mortality, and Breathing for a Living

On Living the Life You Want, Timeless Investment Lessons, and the Power of Thinking Without Thinking

On Effective Selling, the Creation of Home Depot, and Multiple Streams of Income

On Awakening Your Genius, Self-Discovery, and The Automatic Customer

On The Important Things in Life, Genuine Freedom and Happiness, and Following One's Dreams

On Chutzpah, Dying with Zero, and The Story of Success

On Vagabonding, A Long Walk to Freedom, and A Million Bucks by 30

On Malcolm X, Three Cups of Tea, and When the Spirit Catches You

On Night, The Tattooist of Auschwitz, and a Wall Street Legend

On Vengeance, The Final Solution, and a Soldier of Peace

On A Survivor's Tale, The Happiest Man on Earth, and Rise and Kill First

On Teaching Yourself to Live, My Life, and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

On Building the Life You Want, Ikigai, and Becoming a Power Negotiator

On the Two Halves of Life, Winning Forever, and the Last Lecture

On When Pride Still Mattered, Experiments with Truth, and an American Prometheus

On Leadership Lessons, the AIDS Epidemic, and the Road to Wealth

On Wealth, A Revolutionary Life, and Rising Out of Poverty

On Lifelong Learning, Getting Richer, Wiser, and Happier, and Managing Oneself

On the Fascinating Bernard Baruch, the Miracle Morning, and Straight Talk From a Business Rebel

On Digital Minimalism, the Fresh Prince, and An Embarrassment of Riches

On Running, Getting What You Want, and Going Beyond a Million

On Living Rich, Measuring Your Life, and a Powerful Business Idea

On Thinking Big, the World's Greatest Negotiator, and the Bomber Mafia

On Seeking Wisdom, the Secrets of the Four Seasons, and Fooled by Randomness

On Tyson, Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got, and Keep Buying

On Thinking in Bets, Being Unstoppable, and Living Beyond Wealth

On the Science and Art of Longevity, How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win, and the Start-Up of You

On Raising Champions, Getting Real, and Origins of the Crash

On Moneyball, Deep Work, and The Fish That Ate the Whale

On 30 Lessons for Living, Stress Free Productivity, and Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants

On Time Management for Mortals, Being Younger Next Year, and a Brief History of Humankind

On Friends and Influence, The Courage to Be Disliked, and Screw It Let's Do It

On The Happiness Project, Money and What Matters, and The Will to Succeed

On Thriving in Volatility, Lessons on the Game of Life, and a Journey Around the World

On Getting Smarter, Tougher, and Going from Good to Great

On Leadership, Delivering Happiness, and the Gone Fishing Portfolio

On Professional Irrelevance, Financial Doomsday, and Throwing Heat

On Living a Good Death, The Goddess of Victory, and An American Legend

On a Love Letter to Life, Human Transformation, and a Journey with a Tiger

On Choking, Checklists, and Stumbling on Happiness

On Lessons From Losing Money, Building a Family Dynasty, and Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone

On Risk and Investing, The Messy Middle, and Stillness

On Life's Principles, Regret Minimization, and the Education of a Value Investor

On The Art of Learning, The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive, and The Celebration of Life.

On The Quest for Living a Moral Life, Questioning Your Long Held Beliefs, and Conquering Ski Racing

On Happy Money, Daily Rituals, and Paleolithic Health Benefits

Note Links

Books that changed my life

On Antifragility, Legacy, and Eating Right

On Habits, Patient Care, and Financial Freedom

On Financial Simplification, Rogue Economics, and Networking

On Coaching, Getting Filthy Rich in Asia, and Negotiating

On Living Routines, $100 Startups, and Timeless Financial Lessons